I got the Beautiful Home, Beautiful Life lifetime pass

Here’s one fun thing I did for myself today…I purchased the lifetime access pass for the Beautiful Home, Beautiful Life Summit.

This was definitely an impulse purchase, not gonna lie.

One of the gals I follow online is a speaker and since I love everything she teaches about keeping house, budgeting, etc., I went to grab my free spot.

Then, of course, there was the lifetime offer to have the replays and since I would like to listen to the event in my own time, I picked it up.

There was another offer for the home decorating binder and…you guessed!…I got that, too.

A splurge, for sure, but I LOVE the message of the summit which is to “create a home you love!

How does that apply here?

Because it’s part of how I want my whole life to be {BEAUTY-FULL!}

  • I want my spirit to be beautiful.
  • I want my business to be beautiful.
  • I want my health and well-being to be beautiful.
  • I want my products and offers to be beautiful {and magical!}

And I definitely want my home to be beautiful!

Here’s a Peek at the Beautiful Home, Beautiful Life Summit Dashboard

See that “Designer in a Binder?” There’s a physical version of that getting shipped out to me in a couple of days and I’m itching to get my hands on it.

But I like that I can get the digital version here, too. That’s a nice little perk.

I clicked on the Subscriber Freebies and saw this:

When I noticed the “free printable art library” and the design guides, it got me thinking about potential low content niches I could tap into. I haven’t ventured into the “home decor” niche but I like the possibilities here!

This “Space Planning Made Easy” workbook will come in handy because this doesn’t come easy to me and I’d much prefer to put pen-to-paper and plan out a certain area of my home.

And that space is the second-level. It has a huge bedroom that I haven’t made use of, at all.

But I have some ideas and I think this planner might help me bring them to life!

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