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Printable weekly to-do lists come in handy for SO many things and – if you didn’t already know – I’m a BIG-TIME list-maker.

Listing things out is the simplest form of planning and for someone like me, who gets overwhelmed by too many decisions – it’s incredibly helpful to start with a simple list of what I need to do.

Making a list is similar to a brain dump but there’s a slight difference in the intention behind the practice.

When you’re writing out a list of things you want to do or need to do, it’s purposeful and you have an intention of getting things done. {The purpose of a brain dump is to clear the mental clutter but not necessarily take action…it’s a fine line between the two.}

❣️ I’m such a fan of putting a list down on paper that I created this pretty printable you can get in my shop.

Getting and Staying Organized and Productive with Lists

I am a type Z kinda girl.

If you don’t know what “type Z” is, you gotta check out this book. 😁

If faced with too many choices, I get overwhelmed. I’m also a little lazy.

I need to make the bare minimum effort that will get me – and keep me – organized and productive. I realized a LONG time ago that meant LISTS.

I keep it SO easy, too.

  1. I list out what I want to do or what needs to be done.
  2. I put that list in order from most-to-least important.
  3. I take action and check things off as I get them done.
  4. Anything that isn’t done gets moved to a NEW list – for tomorrow or whenever.

I write lists on EVERYTHING from scraps of paper to sticky notes to notebook pages to printable to-do lists.

Why Use a Weekly To-Do List?

Why use a weekly to-do list? 😲 Why make it more difficult?? A list of things to do is the simplest planning method in the world and it’s naturally easier to take action because the process isn’t overwhelming.

You can always fall back on “what’s the next thing on my list?

And when things do get overwhelming, you can step it ALL the way back to starting over with a new list.

Once you have your list-making method down to a science, you can expand your skills with more advanced planning and productivity techniques.

How to Use Printable Weekly To-Do Lists for Maximum Results

The secret to using daily, weekly, and monthly to-do lists is to USE them and REVIEW them. That’s it.

That’s the real power behind any planning and productivity system – action, implementation, review.

To get the most out of your list, commit to using it. And don’t be afraid to mess up and be messy…I know I do and I am! 😂

If you have a big project planned, break THAT project into to-do list tasks, asking yourself, “How can I break this list down even further?

Need a Pretty Printable Weekly To-Do List?

I am ALL FOR grabbing the closest piece of paper and a pen and getting started. No excuses, no “buts,” just go for it.

But I do so love a pretty printable!


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