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Feeling guilty and unoriginal for using done-for-you products?

Do you worry about the quality of the PLR content you are using and whether it meets the needs of your audience?

Are you concerned about the ethical implications of using PLR content in a commercial context?

If so, this workshop is a must-have.

Never again wonder what to do with commercial use templates!

Boost your repurposing skills with the companion workshop...I show you creative ways to completely customize your templates into all new products.

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✅ Customize

✅ Package

✅ Publish

✅ Promote

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You'll learn how to customize your new PLR planner templates the RIGHT way, so you can create new, rebranded products that meet the needs of your audience and align with your brand.

You'll learn how to add your own unique spin to the pre-written content IN the templates, so you can feel confident and proud of the products you create.

You Know What You CAN Do With White Label Templates After You've Customized Them...

  • You can customize the templates with your own branding and colors to match your business.
  • Use them as lead magnets to attract potential customers and grow your email list.
  • Sell them as digital products on your website or online marketplace and earn passive income.
  • Bundle them with other products to create a package deal and increase your sales.
  • Offer them as bonuses to customers who purchase other products to increase their satisfaction.
  • Use them in your own coaching or consulting business to help your clients.
    Create a membership site featuring these templates to provide exclusive access to your customers.
  • Use them as content upgrades to increase engagement on your blog and grow your audience.
  • Offer them as a free gift with purchase to encourage your customers to buy from you again.
  • Use them as part of a paid course or workshop to provide value to your students.
    Create a planner or journal using these templates to offer a unique product to your customers.
  • Use them to create printables for your Etsy shop and offer a wider range of products.
  • Create a challenge or group program using these templates to engage your audience.
  • Use them to create checklists or to-do lists for your business to stay organized.
  • Offer them as a resource for your podcast listeners to provide additional value.
  • Use them to create a workbook for your book or course to help your students learn.
  • Offer them as a resource for your YouTube subscribers to provide additional value.
  • Use them to create a planner or schedule for your team to stay on track.
  • Offer them as a resource for your webinar attendees to provide additional value.
  • Use them to create a journal or diary for personal use to stay organized and focused.
  • Offer them as a resource for your email subscribers to provide additional value and build trust.
  • Use them to create social media graphics or posts to promote your business.
    Offer them as a resource for your coaching clients to help them achieve their goals.
  • Sell them to other businesses or entrepreneurs to earn extra income.
  • Use them as a starting point to create your own unique worksheets and save time.

But You Have to Customize Them First!

Let Me Show You How

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