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So if you want to sell printable and digital products on Etsy, you need to know what kind of products you can create, right? Or maybe you just know you want to sell something on Etsy but…what? 🤔

I am a BIG fan of printables and other digital products! But the terms “printable” and “digital product” are kind of vague, when you think about it. Really, broad concepts.

So let’s narrow it down and talk about what types of products fall into these categories and what kinds of products are popular with buyers.

I’ve sold all kinds of things on Etsy – even before I started my KDP biz – and I’ve had more than one shop. I’ve listed print-on-demand shirts and coffee mugs, planners, workbooks, coloring pages, resume templates, digital planner stickers…and yes, all of these products HAVE sold for me and some are still selling for me.

It seems like there are new types of products popping up all the time, too!

What I really know is that there are all kinds of things you could sell and the best way to start is to get started now.

You know the drill…grab a beverage, settle in, and let’s chat about what kinds of products you can create for your Etsy shop. 😊

Types of Printable and Digital Products

I do a LOT of research for my own business and I demonstrate researching products in my workshops, so I have a pretty good idea of what types of printable and digital products are already being created and sold on Etsy and other platforms.

Scrolling Etsy with the intention of discovering products you can sell is much different than simply browsing or shopping for gifts, but it’s almost as easy as that.

What you want to do is open up your browser and head to Etsy. Make sure you’re logged out. Then, start searching the site for the broad term “printable” and see what kinds of products show up. Do the same thing for the phrase “digital product” or “digital download.”

You’ll notice that there are pages and pages of results and these results tell you exactly what kinds of products are listed – and maybe selling – right now.


Printables are really popular right now. They provide instant access to customers and are great products to sell because they’re often consumable, meaning there’s the potential for repeat purchases.

Some examples of printables you’ll find on Etsy right now are:

  • Calendars: yearly or monthly calendars to help users stay organized
  • Coloring pages: these can be themed (e.g., animals, nature) or targeted towards specific demographics (e.g., kids)
  • Chore charts: for tracking and managing daily tasks
  • Greeting cards and gift tags: for occasions like birthdays, holidays, and weddings
  • Checklists: for daily routines, travel, or project management.
  • Baby shower games, scavenger hunts, and party invitations: great for the DIY audience and adds a personal touch to events

Digital Products

When I think of “digital products,” I think of things that don’t fall under the category of printables. Things like…

  • Clip art: for creating graphics for websites, social media posts, marketing materials, presentations, and more; can be used to add visual interest and appeal to digital content
  • Product mockups: businesses love these for creatively and attractively displaying the products they sell
  • Social media templates: for creating engaging promotional content that encourages clicks, comments, and shares
  • Photography: high-resolution images from nature to cityscapes that can be used for in a variety or projects
  • Fonts: unique typography for graphic design projects and branding

Digital and Printable Art

Art is another type of product you can sell on Etsy and there are all kinds of products to consider when you’re thinking about what YOU can list:

  • Logos: custom designs primarily for businesses and branding
  • Digital paper: textured or patterned backgrounds for design projects
  • Artwork and wall art: digital paintings or illustrations, often sold as posters or prints meant for framing
  • Ephemera: small images, icons, or graphics, suitable for junk journaling and {digital} scrapbooking
  • 3D models: for use in video games, animation, or even 3D printing

Patterns and Templates

Templates on Etsy help customers save time with a pre-designed layout. Sometimes, these products come with a “commercial use” license that lets the buyer customize and resell what they make with the template.

Some of the templates I’ve seen are:

  • Resume templates: these offer job seekers a shortcut for creating attractive resumes
  • Planner templates: for sellers to customize, brand, and resell
  • Social media reels: these are great for quickly creating shareable videos for social media {I grabbed some DFY video templates for using in my own biz and LOVE how much time they saved me, not to mention the increase in reach and engagement!}
  • Thank you cards for business owners: for people to edit and customize to give to their customers
  • Spreadsheets: for creating budgets and tracking things like finances, projects, habits, and more
  • Zoom backgrounds: to brighten up video calls
  • Crochet patterns: PDF instructions for crochet enthusiasts
  • Branding kits: cohesive design elements for businesses, including logos, business cards, and social media graphics

Lynette created a whole post about 40 types of products you can sell on Etsy and some of these are pretty unusual and inspiring!

How to Find Out What Kinds of Printables and Digital Products are Available and Selling on Etsy

This is the research tool I use in the video!

How to Vet the Results You Get from Your Research

Now that you know how to do some simple research, what is it you need to look for and what do you evaluate to determine the products that have a good chance of selling?

Here are four ways to get a good idea of what’s selling now, who’s selling it, what people like and don’t like, and what Etsy searches can tell you.

If it’s a bestseller, it’s selling. Right now. That’s important information for us!

Make a note of what the product is, what the topic is, if there’s a theme to it, how much of it there is, and anything else you think might be helpful for YOU to know so you can create your product.

✅ Check Out Top Shops

Top Etsy shops are at the top for a reason – they are selling products {maybe selling LOTS of products}, getting good reviews, and have a reputation for good customer service.

From here, you can start checking out which products of theirs are selling to see if these are something you can create, too.

✅ Look at Bestsellers

In addition to seeing what’s selling in top shops, we can look for overall bestsellers. If it’s a bestseller, it means it’s selling. Right now.

We can also see what products are in checkout carts – that’s another clue that can help us create items for our shops.

✅ Look at Reviews

Now that you know which shops are successful and you have an idea of what’s selling well right now, take a look at what reviews say.

Each shop will have reviews on the main page as well as on individual product pages.

Those reviews will tell you what people like and don’t like about the product, the seller, and that shop. Use this information to make YOUR products, shop, and service AWESOME.

✅ Research Keywords

When people go to Etsy looking for a product, they type in words and phrases into the search bar. We can discover what those words and phrases are and those will tell us exactly what people are looking to buy right now.

Sometimes, what a buyer wants is already created and available.

Sometimes, it’s NOT.

Either way, keywords give us an idea of just what to create in order to have a better chance of making sales.

Have Someone Else Do Printable Niche Research

printable niche research reports sent to you every month

Another approach to selecting what you’ll create and publish is to have someone else do the niche research and then YOU get to evaluate that info and decide what to do with it.

Resources like this tell you:

  • what niches are hot right now
  • what shops are successful in the niche
  • what sub-niches you could target
  • keywords to help you optimize your listing titles and descriptions

Think of a tool like this as a “research assistant.”

Sure, you could take it at face value and just “create, list, repeat…create, list, repeat…” but you’ll get WAY better results if you put your own unique spin on your products and “customize, customize, customize.” 😉

A Heart-Centered, Intuitive Approach to Choosing What to Sell in Your Shop

There’s another way to decide what to sell in your Etsy shop and that’s to choose products based on what your intuition is telling you, what your heart is leading you to do, and what you want to share with others to be of service.

Create something awesome, put it out there, and see what happens!

This is a simple concept but putting it into practice isn’t necessarily easy.

Many times, we want the “blueprints” to follow so we know exactly what to create that people will definitely buy and…even WITH that there’s no guarantees.

Even if you do have a clear plan and an amazing strategy, there are so many factors that come into play that will give one person one type of results and another person will experience something completely different.

It really does come down to this: you have to create something, offer it, and see if it sells. That’s the ONLY way to definitively know if your product will be something people want to buy.

So you might as well try out products you’ve researched AND products you have a hunch about – ones you just feel like creating.

See what happens. 😉

What Do You Know and How Can You Serve?

What are you really good at? What can you help others do?

Trust me, there’s something.

Like I shared in the video, I’m an avid crocheter and will be homeschooling my son. Both of these could be ways I show up to serve by creating awesome digital and printable products.

Your turn!

Try brainstorming a list of things you enjoy, things you’re good at, things you are interested in…and see if there are small digital products you could create by tapping into your interest in – and experience with – these things.



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