Welcome to the Heart and Soul Society!

I’m so glad to have you visit today! Grab your favorite beverage and settle in to get to know more about what the Heart + Soul Society is all about!

What is the Heart and Soul Society?

In another part of the interwebs, I’m a self-publisher, course creator, and workshop leader. But in the fall of 2022, I experienced MAJOR burnout in my business.

I hated it but I didn’t fight it; I allowed myself to disengage completely and just allow that experience.

Then I was ready for a “reset.”

My reset journey became a COMEBACK journey case study that I decided to document and share with my publishing community.

The plan was that I would start from scratch and create a new, heart-centered brand that would allow me to express my divine, empowering gifts…my creativity…MYSELF…while building a business I absolutely LOVED.

During that very personal and therapeutic journey, the Heart + Soul Society was created.

Why “Heart and Soul Society?”


Because I believe that living a more heart-centered AND heart-directed life is essential for coming into one’s fullest expression – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


In my experience, doing this is very nurturing for the soul. I also believe that tapping into what we LOVE deep down in our soul is key for experiencing true prosperity in all areas of our lives.


The “society” is really about building a community. I wanted a place for online biz owners, publishers, bloggers, marketers, creators, creatives…to be a part of something special.

What You Can Expect to Find Here

In a word, “Magic.”

I want you to feel like you’ve discovered something special because I believe you have. It’s my intention to create a space here – a resource – that fills you up and nurtures you.

You’ll discover how to…

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